HOW does dbSupplier Risk (dbSR) system work?

The new process and system introduces a number of benefits to our third parties:
  • We will be able to provide you with a comprehensive list of the requirements applicable to your service at the beginning of the process – so you know exactly what we need from you at the outset;
  • You will have direct access to our new system, via an online portal (the Ariba network), which will allow you to upload evidence of any controls requested and track their progress through to approval – making the process more transparent and easy to follow;
  • For most controls, once the evidence has been approved the system will deem the control “certified” for as long as the evidence is valid. These “certificates” can be re-used for future engagements, so you will not need to repeat the exercise each time we wish to work together.
If/when Deutsche Bank requires evidence of controls, you will receive a system-generated email to request this, the following How to Navigate Control Assessments document will help guide you through the process. 
Using the system will require registering on the Ariba network and you can use this How to Navigate Supplier Registration document to support you through that process.