WHO can help me with the process?

Your first point of contact is your usual Deutsche Bank representative, especially if you have queries regarding the process, rather than the dbSR system. However there are a number of alternative resources you can call on.

For support using the Ariba network, please call:

  • United States and Canada +1 866 218 2155 Call
  • United Kingdom +44 (0)800 2180 2155 Call
  • Europe +44 20 71874544 Call
  • Asia +66 6311 4745 Call
  • All other locations +1 412 222 6153 Call

Finally, if neither your usual DB contact, nor the Ariba helpdesk, are able to resolve your query, please contact vendor.support@db.com and we will endeavour to direct your query to the person best placed to answer it.