1. Standard Payment Terms

From the 14th of March 2022, Deutsche Bank launched a strategic initiative to standardise its vendor payment terms across the organisation. This allows the Bank to operate more effectively and ensure timely payment of invoices. Our new contractual payment term standards are 60 days for Europe and 90 days for the rest of the world (except where country laws and legislation dictate separate payment terms must be applied).

Please see below a letter issued to all vendors from James von Moltke (Chief Financial Officer) and Alf Noto (Chief Procurement Officer)

Vendor Letter

 2. Early Payment Facility

To continue to work in collaboration with vendors, Deutsche bank offers an early payment facility through a 3rd party provider to give vendors the option to choose any number of their approved invoices to accelerate payment for a small discount to Deutsche Bank. This facility is currently available for all vendors located in the UK, US and Germany and we will be launching across other markets in the near future. To find out more about this please visit this link: https://deutschebank.c2fo.com/deutschebank 

 3. Submitting Invoices

Invoices should be submitted electronically via Ariba Network (AN) and will have the payment due date calculated from the date of the e-invoice. If you are not able to use the e-invoicing facility please send invoices to our central P2P email inbox. Submitting an invoice via paper or post direct to your Deutsche Bank business line contact will delay the registration of the invoice in our Accounts Payable system and lead to potential delays in payment.