Deutsche Bank Product Catalogue Guidance (as of Oct. 2020)

Supplier will be responsible for creating and subsequently updating the Product Catalogue in an electronic format to be elected by DB. The electronic formats may include:  

  • Submitting and managing the catalogue via the Ariba Network (AN);
  • Submitting a catalogue (CIF, Excel) in a format provided by DB; or
  • Creating and maintaining a Level 2 Punch-Out Catalogue.
The Product Catalogue will be delivered to DB in an agreed format (Excel).
For each Product Catalogue Item, the Product Catalogue will include, but not limited to:
  • pictures of the Product Catalogue Item (where applicable);
  • key facts and detailed description of the Product Catalogue Item;
  • any dependencies on other Product Catalogue Items
  • any additional DB-related information provided by DB (such as recommendations for DB internal use, including but not limited
    to Contract Workspace ID)
  • cost information (one-off, recurring)
  • Search Terms

The Product Catalogue may include individual Product Catalogue Items consisting of more than one Resource Unit bundled together to
simplify ordering of Resource Units commonly supplied together or requiring each other.

The Product Catalogue will be delivered in English and all other agreed Languages.

The Product Catalogue will be updated by Supplier Group Member each time Product Catalogue Items are added, modified or removed.
In addition, DB may request changes to the Product Catalogue with reasonable frequency. All changes must be submitted to DB prior
to implementation for validation and approval.

The Product Catalogue must be submitted at minimum, on an quarterly basis by both the Supplier to DB for quality assurance. 

The Product Catalogue must consist of all items available for purchase with the following details:

  • Product Short Name
  • Product Description
  • Contract Workspace ID
  • Unit Price
  • Unit of Measure
  • Lead delivery time
  • Supplier Part ID