Invoice Compliance Requirements

  1. Provide the invoice on your company letterhead ensuring that it contains your company’s details including company name, postal address, contact telephone number and contact email address
  2. Invoice Date must be provided and be within the previous 999 calendar days. Future dated invoices are not allowed
  3. The invoice must have an invoice number / reference and this should contain no more than 16 characters. If it exceeds 16 characters the last 16 characters will be used for processing. It should not contain special characters
  4. Please provide the PO number on the invoice – Deutsche Bank has a ‘PO Validation’ policy and invoicing against a PO will assure smooth payment
  5. The invoice must be addressed to the correct Deutsche Bank Legal Entity and corresponding address (this information can be found on the corresponding PO if applicable or within your agreement/contract with DB) and quote the correct Deutsche Bank Business Line Contact (name and email address)
  6. Item Description, Unit Quantity and Unit Price (matching the details of the corresponding PO, if applicable)
  7. Tax/VAT rate and amount should be part of invoice
  8. Total amount due and currency. If charging in foreign currency (e.g. a vendor in Australia charging USD) please provide the applicable exchange rate on the invoice (e.g. USD/AUD 1.3256)
  9. Your company’s Bank Account Details including
    • Bank name, account name & number
    • Sort Code (ABA/Routing number for US banks)
    • SWIFT Code
    • IBAN Number (mandatory for all European countries)
  10. Company Registration Number and Tax/VAT Registration Number (if amounts are applicable for tax/VAT or any other service taxes.
  11. GERMANY ONLY: A delivery date must be supplied on the invoice
* Email Invoice Submission Guidelines via Central Mailbox
  • Invoices are to be scanned and emailed to the relevant region. This email is strictly for invoice submission only and other documents such as Marketing / Advertising/ Sales Order etc are rejected.
  • Only save 1 invoice image per PDF / Tiff file. Multiple invoices per PDF / Tiff file cannot be processed and are rejected.
  • One invoice per one email . Multiple invoices per one email cannot be processed and are rejected.
  • Only the following document formats are accepted: TIFF and PDF.
  • Overall email size (with attachments) must not exceed 4MB.
  • Documents must not be compressed into a WinZip file.
  • Invoice should contain a maximum of 50 pages.
  • The system cannot process an email as an attachment.
  • Attachments should be in black and white with a minimum DPI of 200.
  • Invoice should indicate a supplier email address for invoice queries.
  • E-mails should not be sent without an attachment.
  • Logos and digital signatures should be removed (this can be accomplished by changing format to 'Plain Text' when sending).
  • Senders should avoid special characters in the email subject line (e.g. $, %, @, ~, `).
  • Vendors receiving purchase orders from Deutsche Bank must reference on the invoice Deutsche Bank's purchase order number and indicate the billing address as stated on Deutsche Bank's purchase order. Invoices connected to Deutsche Bank purchase orders but sent for processing without the Purchase Order number are rejected.